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Trade Safely, Surely

An Upwards Scalable Trading Strategy

Our View:

Following trend is where the money is.

A strategy of cutting the losses short and letting gains run.

Eventual net gainer.


In the discovery of a bigger trend, whether long or short, smaller losses are booked but the winning trend covers up all the losses plus give more.

We are always in the market.

We are not day traders. We are positional traders.

Our strategy takes care of gap down and gap ups as well.

Following this strategy, which is long term, you will only gain.

In our strategy:

  • No channels to follow
  • No analyst to follow
  • No fundamental study required
  • No technical charts to study

We only follow price and its trend. That's all. 

There is always a trailing stop loss.

We trade for living, to pay bills. Capital is preserved at all instances.

These are not tall claims. You, too can be successful in your trading. 

Contact us if you are interested. We offer initial free period of testing, provided you understand the following.


  1. You need to be an online trader.
  2. Calls will come on Yahoo Messenger.
  3. Calls to be executed at market price.
  4. Patient understanding that first 3 or 4 trades can end in loss but the ensuing one will be a big gainer. 



We can manage on your behalf. Contact us for details.