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About Me

I tried multiple advisory services - lost money.

I tried following advisors who appear on the various financial news channel - lost money.

Only thing that gave money was trend following - made money in delivery but a pathetic 30 to 50% annual gain.

Futures is where I lost money, wanted to make money. So, I have a system now, a trading plan. Little unfair to other traders, as I will make money.

Eventually, I am a net gainer after accounting for loss making trades.

No view, review of the market. Just follow my signals.


I am always in trade. Each signal trigger is a sign for reversing the position. Just follow my signals. You shall never loose money on a net to net basis on an 2 months to year's time frame. You will gain huge money.

Some trades will end in loss. But the winning trade will recoup the loss plus give some more. Patience is the key.

I am a trader, trading for living. Have stopped making losses and now only make profits.

Write to me if you are interested.